We’re (more than) dabbling in social!

We're in the process of converting our operation from a 'streamer' focus to a How we help a streamer focus! We'll be posting our Fiverr Gigs soon. In the meantime I wanted to provide a little context as to the reasoning behind it. We've been going for a few years now, Covid-19 was a time … Continue reading We’re (more than) dabbling in social!

Latest Video – Overwatch

Overwatch 2 - Press Kit

Overwatch Anniversary Gameplay - Celebrating the new characters, drops and skins. First of the Overwatch Anniversary video series, as a Moira main, though I'd piece together some game play from a recent scrim with Donkeyrollrz and WigglyPickle. Always a genuine laugh with these guys, and WigglyPickle smashing the healing later on in the video. Always … Continue reading Latest Video – Overwatch

Great gear – Gaming, live-streaming, social and video

apoth0r - The Beginning... Great gear? Obtaining a fit for purpose streaming setup is often not something that happens overnight, for most people, you're keeping costs low, you're investing in updating the parts that have the biggest return, and you're looking to make sure you have an edge in one form or another. A new … Continue reading Great gear – Gaming, live-streaming, social and video

Directory Synchronisation

Directory Synchronisation Brief Overview of Directory Synchronisation (DirSync) The Windows Azure Active(AD) Directory Synchronisation Tool is an application that synchronises the on premises Active Directory with Microsoft Online Services. This allows services like Office 365 to provision the user structure for migration to the cloud. It is good practice to install this tool on only … Continue reading Directory Synchronisation

Interview with Cloud Computing Expert – @AndyMalone

Cloud computing Expert Andy Malone provides his insight into Office 365 and his new and ongoing projects. Firstly, I’d like to thank Andy for taking the time to write a little something for the Guru365 blog. Andy is a very busy man and every second he has donated to this post can’t be thanked enough. … Continue reading Interview with Cloud Computing Expert – @AndyMalone