About apoth0r - He's a wizard Harry!

About apoth0r – Dad, technology professional, gamer and part-time content creator.

I’m building a dream to be a successful content-creator, streamer and gaming technology evangelist. Providing technology advice, helping people with their strategy, continuing to absorb and deliver content through my own channels and build a kind and caring environment.

apoth0r.com was founded to give a streamer perspective to the web, too often people are locked into social media, and don’t tell a static story of their past and present – a website delivers this. It tells people your journey, where you came from, where you want to go, and more uniquely on a daily basis – how you are getting there? I’ve always had a keen interest in websites, creation and SEO and I find that with a focus on something I REALLY enjoy – gaming – why not invest in a website to really understand and learn it. It’s been fun so far….will I be saying that in 12 months time….let’s find out 🙂

apoth0r derives from the name Apothecary, an aged and antiquated name for a chemist – my gaming name for many years as a youngster. It felt a little too fantasy after a while and I wanted to give it a little kick. In my early-20’s I switched to apoth and eventually landed on apoth0r. The name stuck, apologies for the 0 (zero) – you can blame a chap called Griff (Griff0x) for that!

Technology Professional by day and content creator by night – time is unfortunately in short supply. I’m always looking for keen gamers that wish to showcase their talents in writing, video creation and community spirit. Please use the contact form below to get in touch!

Gamer and Content Creator for apoth0r.com

Hopefully you’ve now found out about apoth0r! Look forward to seeing you on stream, in the comments or discord!