Apex Legends – Season 5 – The best one yet?

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Apex Legends - Season 5 - The best one yet? Loba & Skins
New character, new skins, new story! #apexlegends

Apex Legends – Season 5, a popular battle royale game loved by gamers all over the world, why? It’s quirky style of gameplay and fast-paced action! This game gives all of its battle royale competitors a very tough time. Apex Legends has been created by EA and Respawn, which are both pretty famous game development companies.

Apex Legends gets constant updates which make the game feel quite fresh. Recently, this FPS title got a huge update which introduced the next season. Season 5 is the best season of the game as it renewed the whole game in more ways than one.

Let us take a closer look at the different aspects of the current season, and find out if it truly is the best season to date.


Apex Legends - Season 5 - The best one yet? Loba arrives!
Loba is the new addition to the growing character selection in Apex Legends #loba

The number one thing that most of us were excited for was the arrival of a brand-new legend. With every new season we get a new legend, and this time, we got the thief mastermind, Loba.

Loba’s Story:

When Loba was little, her parents were killed by Revenant, she became a pick-pocket to survive in this cruel world.

This girl has a very unique and beautiful build, and her abilities are also quite unique. As expected, Loba’s abilities are based around collecting the finest loot. This legend’s passive ability allows her to see epic and legendary loot through walls. Her tactical ability allows her to literally teleport. This amazing tactical ability can be used to throw off your enemies or get to your favourite loot as fast as possible. Loba’s ultimate is also bewildering! This girl literally transports all the loot in a certain to a single place, and then, you and your teammates can pick whatever you like.

Apex Legends - Season 5 - The best one yet? Black market
Loba’s abilities make looting a touch easier – especially mid to end game!


Season 5 also gives us a brand-new battle pass. The battle pass looks similar to the previous season; however, there is a ton of new stuff. There are 110 different levels of the battle pass which offer different kinds of skins, music, emotes and much more. You should start grinding today as the levels of the battle pass don’t get completed on their own.


Season 5 also has a new ranked series for all of you competitive gamers. The ranked series 4 is pretty much the same as the last season. The game will swap the map upon rank reset. The biggest addition to the ranked series is probably the loss forgiveness system, which avoids any kind of RP loss in case of bad internet connection or a sudden disconnect.

Apart from these amazing things, Respawn has also added in a lot of other things like a reconnect feature. This reconnect feature has been implemented for all the players who are suffering from some kind of internet issue, you’ll be thrown back into the same match (pending survival of course!). This is welcome feature which was truly needed for the game’s advancement and protection of the grinding process of ranked game play.


According to EA, season 5 is getting so much attention because of the new legend, Loba. Loba has some pretty insane abilities, and her design is also unique and breathtaking.

Season 5 has attracted more new players than any past season, and even some older players who had stopped playing the game have returned because of this amazing season. The trailer for season 5 is the most viewed season trailer for apex legends. Season 5 truly is getting a lot of attention.


Apex Legends - Season 5 - The best one yet?
Season 5 has reignited the game – what will Season 6 bring?

We don’t know the final release date for the next season but according to the Apex Legend’s battle pass screen, the season will probably start on the 18th of August, 2020. The new season will also give us a new and unique legend. The new legend is unconfirmed, but according to leaks, this new legend could be Rampart was leaked almost a year ago, but we still haven’t seen him in the game – they like to toy with us!

So in summary, we like Apex Legends – Season 5 – slight change to the old map has rejuvenated the experience, it feels fun to play again, there are still cheats, but unfortunately until developers understand that this free to play (with in game purchases) is a thing, there will be no way to stop it. Cheats have the ultimate opportunity to keep trying and pushing the boundaries – paywalls help prevent it. Apparently, Respawn have banned over 770,000 cheaters representing around 1 percent of the total players in the game. Hackers are still met in ranked on a regular basis and more must be done to eradicate this virus from the game, and it absolutely needs to, because without them, this game is literally one of the best games, of the battle royale genre, that has ever been released. Even though there are hackers, I am going to rate this game 5-stars – I won’t let the hackers win and tarnish the reputation of such a fantastic and enjoyable (as well as frustrating) game.

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