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Imagine a world where data disasters are no longer a sleep-stealer for your business. Welcome to, your new secret weapon in the battle against data loss and cyber threats. Picture this: your cloud data is armored behind an impenetrable fortress of security, backups are as automatic as the setting sun, and recovery is as effortless as a single click. Intrigued? You should be. Dive into the digital stronghold that Keepit offers, and discover how your business can not just survive, but thrive in the face of any digital adversity. Read on to unlock the secrets of ultimate data protection.

Why Your Business Should Choose Keepit

1. Robust Cloud Backup and Recovery

Keepit delivers a full-fledged backup and recovery service, ensuring that your cloud data across various platforms, including Office 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, is always protected. With Keepit, accidental deletions, cyber-attacks, and service outages no longer spell disaster.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

An illustration of comprehensive coverage for a SaaS cloud backup service, showing a protective dome made of digital grids and beams of light encompassing a group of clouds. Floating among the clouds are symbols of security, like locks, shields, and checkmarks. Various devices such as laptops, servers, mobiles, and databases are interconnected with the clouds, symbolizing integrated data synchronization. The sky above is patterned with a binary code, suggesting a continuous flow of data and backup.

Keepit isn’t limited to documents and emails; it also covers calendars, contacts, and chats. This all-encompassing approach ensures that every facet of your digital presence is backed up and restorable.

3. Data Sovereignty Assurance

Understanding the significance of data sovereignty, Keepit operates with multiple data centers located around the globe, complying with regional regulations and giving businesses the power to choose where their data is stored.

4. Unmatched Simplicity

The true beauty of Keepit’s design is found in its straightforward approach. Firstly, the interface welcomes users with its clarity, ensuring that navigation is intuitive. This simplicity means that, regardless of technical expertise, anyone can manage their data effectively. Furthermore, this ease extends across the entire process – from initiating backups to executing data recovery. As a result, the experience remains consistently seamless, enabling users of all skill levels to protect their digital assets with confidence. Moreover, this user-friendliness is a steadfast ally, turning what could be a complex chore into a smooth, hassle-free part of your daily routine. Keepit doesn’t just offer a product; it delivers a smoothly paved path to data management excellence.

5. Zero Downtime

With Keepit’s services, you’re guaranteed uninterrupted uptime, ensuring that your business operations flow seamlessly. Consequently, there are no pauses in activity from data loss or during backup procedures, allowing for a smooth continuation of work.

6. Immutable Storage

With Keepit’s immutable storage, your backup data is safe from any form of tampering or deletion, providing an extra layer of security against ransomware or malicious attacks.

A digital illustration of a generic cloud backup service interface with a modern design in cool tones. The dashboard displays various sections including 'Storage Capacity', 'Recent Activity', 'Backup Health', and 'Settings', each with progress bars, status icons, and charts. A left-hand navigation bar contains icons for 'Home', 'Backup', 'Restore', 'Reports', and 'Account'

The Benefits of Integrating Keepit into Your Business

Protect Against Data Loss

Keepit’s automatic backup features work continuously, providing a real-time safety net for your data. This constant vigilance shields your business from the potentially catastrophic effects of data loss.

Compliance and Control

In today’s climate of heightened GDPR compliance and privacy expectations, Keepit serves as an invaluable ally. Not only does it ensure adherence to these stringent regulations, but it also empowers you with full command over your data. Furthermore, it provides customizable audit trails and retention policies tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Streamlined Collaboration

With secure sharing and version control, collaboration becomes worry-free. Keepit ensures that your teams can work together effectively, without the risk of losing progress or sensitive information.

Operational Resilience

Keepit significantly bolsters the fortitude of your business operations against a myriad of digital dangers. Initially, it serves as a robust shield against the ever-looming cyber threats that pervade today’s online landscape. Additionally, it provides a fail-safe against the inevitable IT failures that can occur, ensuring that such mishaps do not cripple your workflow. Moreover, Keepit is designed with the foresight that human error—while unavoidable—can be prepared for, offering solutions that mitigate these risks.

Furthermore, in the event of any such incidents, Keepit enables your business to bounce back swiftly, effectively minimising downtime and operational setbacks. This rapid recovery capability is essential not only for maintaining business continuity but also for upholding the trust and confidence of your clients. Consequently, Keepit doesn’t just help your business survive in the face of challenges; it ensures you continue to thrive, turning potential obstacles into mere hiccups on your path to success.

Cost Efficiency

By safeguarding against data loss and its associated costs, Keepit provides a cost-effective solution for your business. It eliminates the need for multiple, often costly, data protection services, by providing an all-in-one backup solution.

Scalable Solution

Keepit is designed to grow with your business. Its scalable infrastructure means that as your data storage needs increase, Keepit’s capacity to protect and manage that data does too.

Screenshot of Keepit's user dashboard showing a demo company's overview, backup status, tasks, and a chat support feature.

Initiating Backups with Keepit:

Setting up backups with Keepit is designed to be a straightforward process:

  1. Account Setup:
    • Users begin by creating an account with Keepit.
    • During setup, they choose the services (such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce) they wish to back up.
  2. Configuration:
    • Configuration involves selecting the specific datasets to be backed up, such as emails, documents, contacts, calendars, and database files.
    • Users can set backup frequencies and schedules according to their needs, from multiple times a day to weekly.
  3. Automation:
    • Once the schedule is set, Keepit automates the backup process.
    • The platform takes snapshots of the data at the specified intervals, ensuring that the latest version is always saved.
  4. Validation:
    • Keepit validates the integrity of the backups, ensuring that the data is complete and uncorrupted.
  5. Notification:
    • Users receive notifications about the status of their backups, including any successful completions or if interventions are required.

Executing Data Recovery with Keepit:

The recovery process is just as user-centric:

  1. Accessing Backups:
    • To recover data, users log in to their Keepit account.
    • They navigate to the dashboard where they can view all their backups.
  2. Selection:
    • Users can browse through their backups using the intuitive interface.
    • They select the specific files or datasets they need to recover.
  3. Point-In-Time Recovery:
    • Keepit allows users to perform point-in-time recovery, which means they can revert to the specific date and time of the backup snapshot.
  4. Restoration:
    • With a few clicks, users can initiate the recovery process.
    • Keepit restores the selected data back to the user’s system or to a location of their choosing.
  5. Verification:
    • Post-restoration, Keepit provides options to verify the data to ensure the recovery was successful and the data is intact.
  6. Continuous Protection:
    • Even during the recovery process, Keepit continues to protect the rest of the data by maintaining the regular backup schedule.

Throughout both processes, Keepit maintains high security and compliance standards, ensuring that data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Moreover, detailed logs are kept for each action taken within the platform, aiding in audits and compliance reporting. This dual approach of ease and rigor puts Keepit at the top for businesses that prioritize data integrity and availability.


In today’s ever-evolving digital world, stands out as a beacon of reliability for cloud data protection. Offering a simple yet powerful solution to secure your business’s digital information, Keepit ensures that your data is always protected, always available, and always yours. Embrace the digital age fearlessly with Keepit, knowing that your cloud environment is fortified against any eventuality.

Before Keepit, our team faced constant anxiety about data security and recovery. Since integrating Keepit into our systems, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in our operational confidence. The user-friendly interface took the complexity out of our backup process, and the peace of mind that comes with zero downtime and quick recovery has been game-changing. It’s not just a backup solution; it’s an essential business tool for continuity. Thanks to Keepit, ‘data disaster’ is a term we’ve happily removed from our vocabulary. – KeepIt Customer

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