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The first of many COD gameplay video’s! I have recently purchased Movavi Studio, which is an absolute steal on Steam. It has core functionality but isn’t complicated to use. Easily bring in your own assets to manipulate and action. Thoroughly enjoyed piecing this together, seemed to take forever, but well worth the effort. Just need to work on the game play 😉

Photo by Kyle Loftus on

Overall I’m pleased with the outcome, I found a guy on Fiverr whom produced the track for me, utilising sound effects from Modern Warfare itself. A really impressive track. Aminhmi did a great job and I highly recommend him.

Don’t forget to check out all the amazing content creators out there providing amazing content, personally I think we’re spoiled these days by teams and organisations producing content, appreciate the little guys too! Here is an example

I’m sure there are lots of other amazing content creators delivering amazing COD gameplay video’s.

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