Get Started on YouTube

Want to get started on Youtube? Ever thought about using the internet to showcase your videos, your diligently designed, knowledge boosting, fact delivering, awesome content?

Get Started on YouTube!

Sharing your passion, content and allowing others to learn from your knowledge and experience brings joy to many people, as a result, here is a small guide to setup a YouTube account and start your content creation journey!

I thought I’d offer some advice and guidance on setting up your YouTube channel and continuing a series on YouTube to help people post their amazing content online because everyone has something to share.

Google account

Firstly, you are going to need a Google account – (Google own YouTube bought for £883m in 2006)

If you already have one, you can simply skip this step and go to and login. Then move to the “Click Settings and Select……” part of this guide.

Creating a Google Account

Use this link to Create a Google account – if you already have one – simply login

Once setup go to and login

Click Settings and Select “Create a New Channel”

Create new Channel Button

Click Settings and Select “Create a New Channel”

The settings will default to your first and last name, but if you want to be a bit more adventurous with your channel name Select “Use a business or other name”

Selecting a different name

You will then be prompted to create a Brand account with a name of your choice

YouTube - Brand Account

Click Create

You now have a channel on YouTube, congratulations!

If you are looking to plug in some of your social media channels into your YouTube account or channel you can take a look at this post to find these in Advanced Settings!

If you get started on YouTube, don’t forget to comment your links below so that people can see the amazing work you have been doing!

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