June 2nd – Apex Legends Ranked grind out of Gold!


Ranking – Gold

We flexed the muscles and dove into some Apex ranked games tonight! It began with a win, couple of high-places and a few wipes! The 165Hz monitor has delivered in all its 144FPS stability. Moreover, my former 144Hz monitor struggled with maintaining 144Hz, buying cheap equals buying twice, alas, lesson learnt. However, does make a very nice 2nd monitor 🙂

Firstly, Asus TUF VG27B takes huge strides in stability with Apex and, now, applies the correct VSync settings to find that nice lack of tearing and input lag.

Secondly, the colours are more vibrant, visibility of the screen has increased drastically – it makes the viewing and the playing so much more of a pleasure.

Lastly, and not least, the mount is situated in the middle of the monitor and not the bottom, like its predecessor, sitting comfortable on the monitor arm at the right height for the second monitor to not be touching the desk, win.

Apex Ranked Games

If you haven’t yet played Apex jump over to Origin and download!


If you haven’t tried Apex yet – Give it a go!

Let me know if you’d like some Apex ranked games!

Hope you enjoy the video – if you do, stay tuned for the next live stream on Twitch or catch my latest videos on Youtube! See you in chat!

Octane was the weapon of choice for today!

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