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Overwatch 2 - Press Kit

Overwatch Anniversary Gameplay – Celebrating the new characters, drops and skins.

First of the Overwatch Anniversary video series, as a Moira main, though I’d piece together some game play from a recent scrim with Donkeyrollrz and WigglyPickle.

Always a genuine laugh with these guys, and WigglyPickle smashing the healing later on in the video. Always a pleasure never a chore.

@apoth0r – Overwatch Moira Gameplay with DonkeyRollrz & @PickleWiggly

Overwatch Facts

Blizzard includes Easter Egg references to its major other titles throughout the world – fantastic idea for marketing. More to come in Overwatch 2? Always on the lookout for new ones during the Overwatch Anniversary events.

Titan was the main prerequisite to the Overwatch story, pulling in the titles name, firstly, and also rejuvenating the character Tracer into the game. Unfortunately Titan was cancelled, but fortunately they managed to use some of their experiences from this title.

Overwatch was the first major IP from Blizzard in 17 years – pumping their development efforts into improvements of WOW, Starcraft and Diablo. We’re glad they did!

Every character in Overwatch has their own unique footsteps, which is an incredible auditory feat. Something Modern Warfare could certainly learn from!

Widowmaker originally had a glitch that made her bum massive when her Ultimate was charged! That’s the kind of thing that should be part of every game, from a hilarity point of view. Blizzard managed to fix it and she now has consistent buttocks throughout a game of Overwatch 🙂

Zarya was apparently inspired by a Blizzard employee! Their character designer Tamara to be precise – This has since been debunked

Latest video is up! Enjoy 🙂

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