New Overwatch Video Premiere!

apoth0r Play of the game - Moira

We’re dropping a new Overwatch video – Overwatch Moira DPS – at 2pm (GMT) on the 25th May!

Around 9 minutes long, 3 awesome tracks and a couple of funny moments! Check it out at 2pm today!

Edit –

The Moira video has now dropped and we were really happy with the initial uptake! Now standing at over 1700 views for a very low subscriber channel is above what we anticipated. We’ve now dropped our second major video – but this time with Apex Legends as the game of choice.

We’re thoroughly enjoying the making of these videos, however, it is extremely time consuming. We’ll try our very best to keep releasing but we’re not big, yet, so time is a major factor – as well as this website of course – but hope you like the overwatch videos regardless of frequency.

Don’t forget to comment for feedback on the video, either on here or on the YouTube channel, we’re keen to see what you liked, didn’t like or what you’d like to see moving forward. We have ideas, but it’s you that we need to watch!

Check out the Overwatch Moira DPS gameplay below!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!

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