Rocket League, Flipping love it

apoth0r Rocket League

Why play Rocket League?

A video game should bring you joy, should bring you fun, should bring you closer to friends and gaming acquaintances. It is the relaxation after a long busy day, the opinions you form on the pro’s, the ‘I want to be able to do that’ moments. The awe of highlights. Rocket League flipping love it, or go home.

These are all the things I say when I watch myself back on Rocket League, because honestly –

I suck.

I really enjoy the short format games though, it’s one of those where I can literally play for a couple of games and put it down, as I know more often than not, I can maintain the standard the next time I jump on.

The problem with the current influx of Battle Royale’s is the time required per match to either succeed or fail. 20 minutes plus, or in my case anywhere from 3 seconds. It’s made it difficult to fit around a busy work and home life. Rocket League has that console feel (even as a PC player) of turning on, grabbing a quick game and hitting the power button, walking away feeling satisfied.

Rocket League with mates

I particularly enjoy Rocket League with friends, playing with randoms is a frustrating experience if I’m honest. You will often find ranked players out of their league, bumped up by playing with good players. Trolls are prevalent, with some simply taking circuits of the track until the end of the game, which makes a massive uphill struggle as you go 3vs2, you then have the kids, losing their cool and literally throwing their toys out of the pram. It’s just hard work.

This game with friends, is fun, hilarious and brings real enjoyment. The number of times I’ve heard Sasseh explaining his jumps out of a chair, a controller falling out of his hands in an attempt to flick a touch on an aerial ball, or the sexual sounds of a middle aged man trying in vain to defend an unpleasant corner ball.

It’s just good fun, Rocket League flipping love it.

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