Update your NVIDIA drivers

How to update your NVIDIA Graphics drivers using the NVIDIA GE Force Experience application.

Update your NVIDIA drivers! It is extremely important to ensure the smooth running and performance of your graphics card.

The Process

Firstly, download the GEForce Experience application to your machine.

You will need to create an NVIDIA account to utilise this application, you have a number of options to sign up with – Email – Google – Facebook etc

The GE Force Experience download page

Once installed fire up the GE Force Experience by right-clicking your tray icon.

The far-left icon is the GE Force Experience Application
Driver button on the NVIDIA Ge Force Experience Application

Once inside the application click the drivers tab in the top-left corner.

Click “Check for Updates”

If you have a more recent driver available it will present a ‘Download’ button for you to click.

Click Download – wait a little while (usually around 500MB-ish)

Once you have clicked download the driver will begin downloading to your default location (usually C:\Temp)

Once downloaded

Next select ‘Custom Installation’ –

This provides the opportunity to select the location of your installation as well as the ability to perform a clean installation.

Driver installation options

After Clicking Custom Installation, and it unpacks the appropriate files ready for installation, you will then be prompted.

Performing a clean installation is personal choice – I personally do.

Different bro’s for different Ho’s

Once completed you may be asked to restart depending on the driver update in question, which OS you run or the card you have.

I’ve just ran the same update on both of my PC’s – one with a 2080ti (restart required) and a 1070ti (no restart).

I would advise on a reinstall before you try going into games to avoid any frustrations that may arise.

Manually check for updates, or allow GE Force Experience to let you know when a new driver is available. This is often once a month, unless a security flaw is identified of which they will patch ASAP.

If you wish to be alerted of these updates go to your icon in the top-right corner and select ‘Account’

The account icon leads you to your application settings
Under the general tab you can see your notifications for driver updates – tick to be alerted of new drivers.

If you do experience any issues with the latest driver, jump onto the >> NVIDIA Driver forum<< to see if others are experiencing the same issue, and, hopefully, find some posts to try to solve them.

And that, is how you update your NVIDIA drivers.

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Hope this has helped you!

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