We’re (more than) dabbling in social!

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We’re in the process of converting our operation from a ‘streamer’ focus to a How we help a streamer focus! We’ll be posting our Fiverr Gigs soon. In the meantime I wanted to provide a little context as to the reasoning behind it.

We’ve been going for a few years now, Covid-19 was a time when I could actively stream, build things and start to progress the journey, however, in recent times, I haven’t had the fortune to be time rich and ended up leaving the site to stagnate and get random hits from bots every day. I’m now looking at the structure of what I have purchased, what I have at my disposal, and what I can do with my spare time to productively make a difference to the streaming, Youtubing, Twittering, Facebooking, Instragramming, TikToking worlds out there for people who haven’t been able to invest a huge amount of money but want to look professional. For the majority of these people they have faked it until they made it, and they’ve done that through clever use of professional imaging, videos and having a ‘brand’ that stands out to an audience.

We’re keen to help with that journey and our original mantra still remains,

To deliver an excellent service to our community regardless of budget, experience, or time.


We want to help you, and we can do that in several ways;

  • Provide you with our paid services to deliver you professional looking short videos for a number of uses
  • Help promote you using our base of web pages, social media accounts and quirky tweets 🙂
  • Give you advice on what next steps you may need to take
  • Advice on running it more like a business than just simply hoping Tax systems don’t exist and it biting you when you least want it to! (who wants any kind of bite?)

The schedule is always rammed, but I will always try to make time for the people who’s effort matches and exceeds my own, if it doesn’t yet, then I can probably help with some motivational aspects too!

Utilise our gigs, our social platforms, come and join our discord and lets get conversations going, I look forward to meeting, seeing and welcoming you.

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