Your YouTube Channel ID and User ID – How to find them!

How to get YouTube Channel ID – Our guide below points you in the direction of retrieving your channel and User ID from YouTube – please comment if you have any issues, we’ll be happy to help!

Introduction to YouTube Channel ID’s

During my YouTube journey I’ve found the need for your YouTube channel ID seems to be a regular occurrence, using it for streaming apps, StreamDeck, YouTube Channel Analytics, for instance.

Every YouTube Channel has their own unique ID as both a user and a channel. Essentially you can have one user ID per account, but have multiple channels. This is particularly helpful in segregating content, giving you a channel focus. As a result, better SEO.

These ID’s allow you to easily integrate with many apps, and services, utilising the YouTube API .

We will reveal out how to find your YouTube ID’s, simply log into your YouTube account and click the link below.

Advanced Account Settings

Or if you aren’t one for clicks of links, follow the below!

  1. Sign in!
  2. In the top-right, select your Profile Picture and on the dropdown, click Settings.
  3. From the left-hand menu, click Advanced settings.
  4. Upon navigating to the Advanced Settings page you will see both your User ID and Channel ID.
  5. You can also set your default channel to use with YouTube, saving time as a result!
Illustrated guide on how to find a YouTube channel ID
The User and Channel ID pages

Source Code

Another way to obtain the Channel ID is to view the source code of the channel page and find either 

data-channel-external-id="Lots of numbers and letters"


"externalId":"Lots of numbers and letters"

We’re here to help so if you are stuck and require further assistance, comment below and we’ll be happy to assist where we can!

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Hopefully you found our guide on How to Find YouTube Channel ID, helpful, don’t forget to share on socials if you think one of your friends or colleagues might also need to know!

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